O by the way… I’m still craftin’ the alphabet!

If you haven’t heard, I’m teaching some Cricut classes at Michael’s in Orem! If you live in Utah and are interested click here. I had to have a picture of myself to advertise the class so I had my husband take this one. It’s all pretty exciting. 

Now, for the real reason you are here… I’m still crafting away at the alphabet and today…

O is for Origami

I used to love Origami as a kid! I remember getting a fairy tale origami book for my birthday one year and I treasured that thing! I was always folding paper cranes during church and we would have contests to see who could fold the smallest one. (I’m pretty sure the record was one using 1/4 of a gum wrapper…) 

My senior year of high school I was taking a public speaking class and we had to teach the class how to do something (I know, pretty vague), so I taught them some origami. (If you click here you can actually see the powerpoint presentation I used.) I had hoped to teach them how to fold a paper crane… apparently some people really struggle with origami. I put this image up on the projector and had the class make this simple cat. 

After several minutes walking them through each step and answering many questions I was finally able to get the majority of the class smiling down at a little paper cat face. These were high school seniors! I remember shaking my head a little at their incompetence. 

So, of course, God had to humble me and, four years later, I struggled to fold a paper pumpkin. I tried it three times. (The second attempt went in the trash as a little crumpled up ball.) They don’t look bad, but they weren’t nearly what I was expecting. 

Attempt one on the left, attempt three on the right, attempt two not pictured (probably chilling in a landfill) 

So, once my anger at paper wore off, I tried a different design. It started with a hexagon instead of a square… yeah, it’s a crumpled ball in the garbage as well. Finally, I found something a little more up my alley. 

Please note my cute fall nails!

I’ll include the Youtube links I watched below and I’ll even provide the weird hexagon one. If you do it let me know! I could still use some more humbling… Haha. Love you all! Happy crafting!

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  1. I haven't been reading you blog just the instagram posts. Which is a shame because I have missed out on a lot. I am so excited for Christmas! Are you still making Calder a cape?

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