DIY It’s Fall Oh My!

Here’s another random project line up. I’ve been participating in a challenge called DIY It’s Fall Oh My! There’s still time to join if you are interested. This is the third week of the six week challenge and I have had a blast so far. All you have to do is make a fall project and use the hashtag #diyitsfallohmy on Instagram. This week’s prize is a $100 gift card to Oriental Trading! Good luck and happy crafting!

This was my first project, there is a whole post about it here.

 My sweet mom knew how much I wanted one of the wooden pumpkin signs so she went looking for one for me. She never did find one, but she bought me some other awesome ones that I was able to decorate with. 

Cardstock with vinyl
This next project was a fun challenge for me. I used a progressive paint theory. So, each new color had to be made using all of the previous colors.
Cauldron = black and gray
Dress/Hat = black, gray, red, blue
Stick = black, gray, red, blue, orange
Face = black, gray, red, blue, orange, green
vinyl words
I really wanted to do a glittery leaf but I didn’t have any glitter! I did have several bottles of glitter glue and if we are being honest, I hate the stuff, so I wanted to get rid of it. Picture taken after first layer.
My craftroom is ready for Halloween!
Leather football earrings with vinyl

 I thought I was pretty brilliant when I came up with this next project. It didn’t really turn out exactly as I was hoping. I think the problem was I was making it because I thought it would be a crowd pleaser. I wasn’t making it for fun; I was making it just to post on social media and hopefully win a prize. Well, I learned my lesson. I’ve got to stay true to myself. Sorry guys, this crafting is about me not you. 

I sewed a little dress (very quickly because I just needed it for a picture) and added htv dots.
Made some little felt ears and dressed Princess Anna up as Minnie Mouse for Halloween.
 Don’t forget you still have a few weeks to enter! If you post a project tag me @craftinkiy so I can see it!

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