C is for Crib Skirt

is for Crib Skirt!

To be honest, I actually started this project like a year ago, but today I finally finished it. Before my oldest was born I decided to make a crib rail using this cute green fabric. I totally loved it and after he made his appearance I decided I wanted to make a matching crib skirt. The only problem was… they no longer made the fabric! So, after many phone calls and trips to the store and even an attempt to have a friend pick it up for me in Idaho; I finally found some in Arizona and had it shipped to me (which was not cheap, but at this point I wasn’t giving up over a few bucks). So, I bought all that they had and it was way more than I needed but I didn’t want to have to worry about it again. 
The fabric arrived right before we moved in to our house. Once things were settled I got my pieces all cut and the first set of seams pressed and pinned, only to find out my sewing machine did not survive our move. So the pieces got put on a shelf for a day when I could either fix my machine or get a new one.
Then, in January, I decided I could probably make the skirt work without sewing. I already had the hems pulled up. So I got my snaps out and jimmy-rigged it on. It worked quite well but now that I have a working machine I decided to pull it off and sew it for real. You can’t really tell a difference. 
The cool thing about this skirt: it is adjustable so the skirt will always reach to the floor even if the mattress is on the highest setting.  None of the pieces you see are actually attached to each other. They have hidden snaps that attach to two strips in the center that can be adjusted. (Yeah, I came up with that myself. I’m kind of proud.) 
Probably should have ironed it before putting it on…
I also wanted to show off my new sewing machine dust cover. I found the Homest company on Instagram and have been eyeing their Cricut bags for a while. Then I found out they do sewing machine accessories as well! My cricut can close, but my sewing machine cannot and it was starting to get quite dusty. 
I got this desk when I was a little girl and decided to start a sticker collection on the side of it. So yeah, it has seen better days.

I love this cover. It is pretty similar priced to others on Amazon but it doesn’t have very many reviews so it’s kinda hard to find. (There are only two reviews and one is mine!) I can honestly say I was shocked at how amazing the material is. It’s heavy duty. The pockets are a great size and I tried it on three different machines and it fit them all. So, if your sewing machine is sitting around collecting dust, you may want to go buy this

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I recieved a free cover for my honest review

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