There’s no Hood Like Motherhood

When Youcraft asked me to review their HTV I was very excited. Who doesn’t love free craft supplies? I decided to make a sweat shirt for myself. The white is the Youcraft Heat Transfer Vinyl and the silver is the Cricut Glitter HTV.

First off, let me say I messed up on this hoodie but it had nothing to do with the vinyl, I just didn’t center the word ‘hood’ properly and so the D got a little ruined and the spacing is off. That was just me trying to cut corners and it back firing. 

I’ve made tons of shirts and this is the first time I’ve made this silly rookie mistake!

I’ll be honest, there are some bad reviews on amazon for this product. People had a difficult time cutting it and weeding it. I haven’t tried a very intricate design but I had absolutely no problems. It went very smoothly and though I haven’t washed it yet (they suggest waiting 24 hours) it seems stuck. 

So, as far as I can tell I would buy this brand again. I’ll let you know if I change my mind after washing it. 

Also, my EasyPress is amazing! If I have ever made you a shirt, bring it back and let me use the EasyPress on it. It is magical!

Update: Washed perfectly! I’ve used it for many things with no issues! Good stuff. 

I recieved a free roll of vinyl for my honest review.
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I used this SVG.

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