Finally Finished my Baby Quilt

I’ve mentioned it several times, but I finally finished my baby quilt! Before my first was born I wanted to make him a quilt. I have done many tie quilts but wanted to try a machine quilted one. It’s pretty easy, you just have to buy a walking foot for your sewing machine. It has feed dogs on it, so you will have both the top and bottom pulling your fabric along, making it ideally for sewing multiple layers. 

The first quilt I made turned out a lot smaller than I planned so I immediately cut squares to make a second one. Then, I had a baby, and the squares got packed away. When I got my new machine it was the first thing I started working on but I decided to do it slightly different than the original quilt. I used the machine to bind my first attempt and it was very quick but it didn’t turn out perfectly. This time I tried the machine but I just didn’t like the outcome so I decided to hand bind it. Unfortunately, I had already cut out the excess batting so I actually stuffed the binding as I went and it took forever! I love how it turned out though. 

First one was too small so I made a second one. (Though the first works perfect for the car!)
My corners didn’t match up perfectly but look how cute the fabric is!
I did a fabulous job at hiding the quilting in the seams. This is the worst mess up in that regard.
I watched a youtube video that was very helpful with the binding and corners. Link below.
The back and a pic of my stuffed binding.
I wanted to show you how the machine binding looked on my first quilt. Please note, I didn’t have a very good machine and I was still learning but it is very hard to machine bind!
I told you it was hard!
For my first quilt I just made the backing long and folded it to create the binding.
The second quilt my backing is sewn on separately. (You can watch the video below to see).

I know I just showed you all my mess ups but I am actually super proud of this quilt. I love the design and I put a lot of love into it! The only problem: I’m not quite sure what to do with it! I am super attached to it but I also don’t really need any more baby quilts at the moment. My babies have way too many awesome aunts and grandmas who make them quilts. So we will see. If you like it, invite me to your baby shower in like two years and maybe I’ll finally be ready to part with it. 😉
Link for binding tutorial

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  1. I was the kid that had to sleep with a different stuffed animal every night so the others didn't get jealous. I know it's silly but I feel like the more blankets I have, the slower I rotate through them and then they don't get all the love they deserve!

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