No Longer Putting Things Off

I’m not a procrastinator, but every once in a while something will sit on my to-do list longer than I want it to. We had some sickness at our house last week and I didn’t feel like doing anything. Sunday night I went to bed dreading dealing with a new week. Then, just like magic, everyone woke up feeling good on Monday morning! In fact, I’ve been feeling extra motivated! So, after finishing the regular to-dos, I finally hit the ones at the bottom of the list. I put out our Halloween decorations, cleaned the nastiness in our front window, and did some crafting of course. I haven’t finished anything but I’ll show you some sneak peeks. 🙂

No before picture will be provided. It was too nasty.
Can’t decide if that is my thumb or toe in the picture… Kinda weird… 
Any guesses?
I’ll give you a hint, it’s for Craftin the Alphabet.
Can’t wait to tell you about this one soon..
I’ve been getting more faux leather in the mail. 🙂 Just in time for Christmas present making! 
I always have bad luck with felt (well, until I got the Cricut Maker), so I was secretly dreading these. I had nothing to worry about. I got this far into my project in just an hour! And that included stopping to feed the baby!
So glad to be feeling better!

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