Happy Fall

I saw online that Dollar Tree was selling wooden pumpkin and truck signs. I was so excited and went to three different dollar stores to look for them. In the end, all I found was this little acorn. I bought it but I wasn’t too happy about it. 

I’m sorry poor acorn. I judged you unfairly. A little paint, vinyl, ribbon, and paper and I’m not even sad that you aren’t a pumpkin. 

This is what it looked like at first. 
Then I mixed together a little paint. 
This color was perfect! I spread a thin enough layer so the grain of the wood would show through. 
Then I cut some paper leaves and flowers on the Cricut. I’ll show you how to roll flowers another day. 
Cut some brown permanent vinyl.
Had to test it inside my wreath. Too busy for my liking but kinda fun.
Also, this floral wreath was made with only things from the dollar store.
I actually won an awesome award on Instagram because of it. 

I made this sign to enter an awesome giveaway and guess what… it ended yesterday. 🙁 Oh well! I had fun doing it!  

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