D is for… a struggle?

D is for Dream Catcher

I was very excited when a dream catcher was suggested. For some reason I thought this would be a quick easy project and I could catch up on other things… Boy was I wrong! 
Maybe it’s just me, but I could not make a pretty dream catcher to save my life. I watched several Youtube videos and it seemed easy enough; but as soon as I started everything was sliding around. My thread would be too lose and then I would pull it too tight and break it. I finally got the hot glue out and kinda faked my way through it. I’m really not sure how people make this look so easy. The end result was definitely not how I pictured it. I’m glad I tried it, but I don’t think this is one I will be doing again. (Thank you for the suggestion though! And if any of you can make these please let me know what I’m doing wrong!)

This was not the only attempt that turned out this way… Maybe I need thicker thread?

Wrapping the twine around helped things stay in place a little better and it hid my glue.
I decided to use a hoop earring because I’m cheap.
That may have played a part in my success (or lack there of).

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