DIY Diamond Paintings with Xyron – Craft Week 2020

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If you have ever done any sort of diamond painting, chances are you have a whole baggie full of diamonds (drills) left. I only started this hobby six months ago and I have already built quite the stash! Countless times I have perused Pinterest searching for projects using leftover drills, but never finding the inspiration I was looking for So, as my diamond stash continued to grow, I did my best to put it at the back of my mind and went on to some paper crafting.

The first diamond painting I ever did.

Then, suddenly it hit me! If you’ve watched my diamond painting YouTube tutorial, you’ve heard me say, “Diamond paintings are really just a giant sticker.” So, why did it take me so long to realized that I could just make one using my Xyron Creative Station Sticker Maker? I could combine my love of paper crafting with my newly found love of diamond painting!

Like I said, it’s so simple, you really are just going to make an upside down sticker! Cut out any shape or design using a pair of scissors, a paper punch, or a Cricut. If you want to freehand the design, you can use a piece of white cardstock. If you aren’t nearly that artsy (🙋‍♀️), you can also print out a design to use as a template.

The clover is by far my favorite of this bunch.

When your paper is ready, place it upside down in the Xyron Creative Station tray and roll it on through. There you go! Your very own diamond painting all ready to be bedazzled!

Unlike glue, the Xyron Creative Station is mess-free and long-lasting. These stickers do not flake and with a permanent cartridge they will last just as long as the diamond paintings from the craft store. If you plan on making miniature diamond paintings the X Sticker Maker will turn your paper into a diamond painting canvas in no time!

What are you going to do with these diamond paintings? Run it through the Xyron Creatve Station twice, and make it into a sticker! Or, get the magnet cartridge and make some decorations for your fridge! (Make sure to do this before you put the diamonds on.) Attach it to a card, place it in a scrapbook, or use it as party decor. The possibilities are endless!

Not only is this a great way to use leftover diamonds and paper scraps, this is an awesome craft for kids! My two-year-old loves diamond painting, and now he can do his own while I do mine!

I ran this through the Xyron Creative Station twice to make a fun sticker!

If this hasn’t convinced you to get the Xyron Creative Station yet, then maybe some of my crafty friends can change your mind. All these awesome ladies are showing off the powers of Xyron today as part of Craft Week. Make sure to check them out and then head to Instagram for a chance to win your own Xyron package!

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