Dollar Tree – Spring Center Piece

I shared a beautiful centerpiece as part of Craft Around the Gram! These are super fun craft nights where creators come together and do crafting live on Instagram. If you missed the live click here to watch it! If you want to create your own here is what you will need:


This is the cut file! Simply right click to save!

My cut files are free for personal and commercial crafting use! All I ask is that you don’t share the file itself with others, just send them a link to this page so they can download it themselves!


Paint jars a fun spring color! I went with purple, pink, and green. I did a rustic paint job. This is a good time to paint your drawer organizer as well. I used brown and did a thin layer. I had a gray organizer and I like how it created some depth to my base. You will need to put a layer of mod podge over anything you want to put vinyl lettering on. If you don’t, the transfer tape will pull up your paint.

Once your paint is dry, apply your weeded vinyl to the base using transfer tape. I chose to do the welcome sign (10 inches wide).

Place your jars into the base and fill 3/4 of the way full with beans. This will keep your flowers in place!

Arrange flowers. I choose pinks, purples, and whites. Make sure to add some greenery too! People often over look this in floral arrangements but it is so important! The flowers come with some leaves, but you will want true green filler to make it look realistic and full.

If desired, tie ribbon or twine around the neck of each jar.

If you watched the live you’ll see, I had a tiny place where I didn’t get enough mod podge and the paint came off. It’s so important!

I am in love with this little centerpiece! I love how versatile it is! You could easily paint the jars white and change the flowers out for each season or put vinyl on each side of the base and flip it around for different holidays. The possibilities are endless! If you have any questions please feel free to comment here or on my Instagram post. If you do make the project, or use the SVG another way please share with me! I do a little happy dance each time I see someone use my cut files. Thank you all! Happy crafting!

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