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I recently decided I was sick of my entire wardrobe and have been slowly replacing all of my tops. I got some cute summer things, but now I need something for fall! I decided to take a simple sweatshirt and make it special. And I’m sharing the file for free so you can make it too!

A long time ago I did a post about using heat transfer vinyl (AKA iron-on vinyl) but I still see people asking about layering iron-on. There is a lot of information out there and a lot of people making their lives trickier than it has to be. So, let’s talk layers.

Can I layer iron-on vinyl?

Yes! You just have to iron each layer separately. Start with the base (in this case the pumpkin) and press. Once that is done, remove the transfer sheet and do the next piece the same way.

How many layers can I do?

Technically, you can do ask many as you’d like! But, the thicker you get the more likely it is one will fall off in the wash.

Can I layer any type of HTV?

Some HTV vinyls do not recommend layering. Metallics and glitters are the most common. So, is it recommended? No. Have I done it successfully? Yes. I did a shirt a while back where I layered glitter on glitter. It has been washed at least 50 times and is still going strong. So, yeah, most people say no, but I say yes. Just don’t overheat the bottom layer while you press. (You can always do glitter and metallic as a top layer, but most people say it can not be used as a base. I say, if you are daring, try it. Sometimes it works.)

Ok, You can’t even see where I double layered the glitter in this picture, but I just love it too much to not share. I made this shirt for Chick-fil-a cow day several years ago and now wear it to exercise in. That is my oldest in the picture!

Do I need to adjust the heat or time of my pressing when doing layers?

Keep the heat the same, but you don’t have to press each layer as long as normal. Press just until you can remove the transfer sheet (10-15 seconds), then do the next layer. After all of your pieces are on press the whole thing for a bit longer (20-30 seconds).

Does my project have to cool down between each layer?

Great question! The general answer is: no. If you are doing three or four layers, most of the time you can do them one right after the other. However, some vinyl just can’t handle that much heat all at once. While making this shirt, I had to press the flower area about twelve times, near the end the bottom layers were starting to warp slightly. If that starts to happen, stop. Take a break and come back to it. Usually the layers will be flatten back out with time. TIP: When doing small details, use a Cricut Easy Press Mini so you don’t have to heat the entire shirt with each press.

My shirt is so white, I glow next to the purple bush. Lol.

Is my transfer sheet sufficient to protect my project?

You never want to place a heat press or iron directly on HTV. If your transfer sheet is not large enough to cover all of the HTV under the heat, you will want to place a piece of parchment paper or Teflon sheet on before pressing.

Why do I have squares/lines on my HTV?

Sometimes your transfer sheet can leave a line on your HTV project. This often goes away on it’s own with time. If you need the project immediately, heat the entire iron-on area from the back and then from the front again.

FINAL TIP: When doing a complex design, print the image out on a piece of paper to refer to while pressing. That way you can ensure the pieces get to their correct location.

Do you have any more questions about layering heat transfer vinyl? Let me know in the comments!

Here’s your free SVG so you can create your own fall top! All of my SVGs are free for personal and commercial use. Please do not share the files, but feel free to share my link with all of your friends so they can download it for themselves!

This is the SVG file. Right click to save!

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