Dollar Tree Pumpkin Centerpiece

So, I’ve got a confession: Last year, I purchased a carveable pumpkin from the Dollar Tree. I had plans to turn it into something cute, but my oldest claimed it as his Halloween decoration before we had even left the store. There was no way I was getting that back. So, I let the kids have it and they threw it around and had a blast with it… for a whole year! Yes, this little styrofoam pumpkin lasted an entire year in a toy room with a two and three year old. I’m still not sure how it happened! It wasn’t perfect, but nothing a little paint (and ya know, cutting the top off) couldn’t fix!

As I was painting the first pumpkin black my creative wheels started spinning. It felt so nice to have the inspiration running through me. It’s been a while. So, I ran to the Dollar Tree and picked up some more pumpkins (Don’t worry, I only went two times this week. lol.). Unfortunately, in the twenty-four hours I wasn’t in the store, they set up for Christmas! I got some great Christmas stuff and the pumpkins, but I had to hit up Walmart for my fall floral and Halloween accents.

I added small accents to each. To see exactly where the items came from check out my live crafting on Instagram.

Thank you for stopping by! Happy crafting!

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