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You might notice, things are a little different around here. I now have my own official website! My husband and I have put a lot of hours this week into getting it ready to show you guys, but I was still able to get a little crafting done.

I found a new crafting lady this week who is absolutely amazing. She goes by Miss Mandee and she has some fantastic designs that she shares for free! I have a whole list of her projects I want to make! I love her work, but her instructions are very concise. So, today I’m going to give some pointers and a little more directions for those who wish to replicate her crafts.

Miss Mandee has a lot of beautiful Disney luminaries. You know, from my pinata, that I have a Mickey Mouse party coming up. so I had to make this first one.

I also made this beautiful Beauty and the Beast one. I decided to use some of my fancy gold cardstock. What do you think?

I didn’t put any glue on the chandelier, so it pops out. It’s really beautiful.

These were my first luminaries but here are my tips:

  • Be very careful pulling the paper off the mat.
  • Use parchment or wax paper rather than expensive vellum.
  • You don’t have to glue everywhere. to the backing. I covered the Mickey one in glue and it was not a good idea. Just put enough to make sure it will generally stay in place.

The luminaries are cool, but here is the main event. Three-dimensional fair rides! First, the beautiful carousel. It is made out of paper, glue, and a few 6 inch lollipop sticks.


  • Make sure you lay out all pieces and know what they are all for.
  • The base is made out of the two long strips glued together. I assumed it would be circular and glued my top on as the base. So, the bottom is a little messed up and I had to print a few things twice.
  • The sticks are a tight fit into the holes. Be patient and twist as you insert.
I was planning on making tiny flowers to go on the horses but changed my mind.
It wasn’t a complete waste of time though, because I posted it on Instagram and Cricut liked it!

Last project for today, the Ferris wheel! This beauty actually spins in circles!

They both use the four same colors, even though they look a bit different.


  • The stand will not stay up with just a piece of cardstock. (I learned this the hard way and it was challenging to fix.) To make the stand you will need two pieces of cardstock and a thin piece of cardboard (think cereal box). Glue a piece of cardstock on either side of the cardboard before gluing to the base.
  • The center stick should be cut to 3.5 inches.
  • The cart sticks should be cut to 2.75 inches, any larger and they will not be able to pass under the stand and it won’t spin.

Again, all these designs are done by Miss Mandee. Isn’t she great? I can’t wait to cross a few more of her items off my to-do list!

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