Itsy Bitsy Spider Stick Puppets

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As a mom and former teacher, I have a special place in my heart for nursery rhymes and classic children stories. For the last several weeks my two-year-old has been singing Itsy Bitsy Spider nonstop. It is super adorable! With most songs, he loves when I do the actions along with him, but for some reason he does not like the finger movements for the Itsy Bitsy spider. Odd right? He is absolutely in love with spiders in general, so I decided I would make him a spider puppet to use while singing the song. And, in true crafter fashion, things kind of sprung off from there.

This is just the first set of stick puppets I will be releasing on my blog! The SVGs are made entirely by me and you are welcome to use them for commercial, education, and personal use. All I ask is that you share my link with others rather than trying to claim the images as your own.

This is the file! Just right click and save!

These files are great because you can simply print them and cut them by hand or upload them to your Cricut software and have your machine do it! I have left the file in layers so you could spend some time and make a fun layered paper project, or simply flatten it on Cricut Design Space and use the Print then Cut feature (that’s what I did!)

If you decide to do Print then Cut with a Cricut, you will want to resize your design or slice the water spout into two pieces so you can fit it into the required space. To do this, first ungroup your set of images and pull the main portion of the water spout away from the other images. Then, create a rectangle and use it to cover half of your water spout. Select both at the same time and click slice. Then erase the left over pieces from your rectangle. Put your pieces back in their correct place before flattening. If you need help flattening your design, click here.

Here’s a quick video if you are unfamiliar with slicing a large image.

Once your pieces are cut, run them through a laminator and glue or tape a popsicle stick to the back! Didn’t it turn out cute! Let me know what other nursery rhymes and kid songs you would like to see! I’m ‘huffing and puffing’ with excitement about the next one! If you have any questions feel free to leave them in the comments below. Thanks for stopping by!

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