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At the beginning of the year I shared a felt quiet book that has become one of my most popular posts. I had a lot of fun making this book and, seeing the reaction from you guys, I thought I would make another!

I love this book because all of the pieces can be cut with your Cricut Maker. In fact, I already have the projects loaded in Cricut Design Space so all you have to do is click Make It! Please note: While many of the images are available through Cricut Access, I couldn’t find paper doll characters that met my needs. The people in this book come from the Cricut Paper Doll Dress Up image set that can be purchased through Cricut, but is not included with your Cricut Access subscription. If you do not want to make the purchase, you can always substitute those images with free ones.

So, you know you will need a Cricut, but let’s talk about the rest of the supplies!


  • Cricut Maker with rotary blade (for cutting felt)
  • Felt in various colors
  • Slightly thicker felt for pages (I used this.)
  • HTV (Heat transfer vinyl/iron-on) in various colors
  • Iron or Easy Press
  • Felt Glue
  • Embroidery floss
  • Needle
  • Scissors

If you use the same felt pages I used, they are already cut to the 8×8 inch size of your book. If you pick a different material, make sure to cut all pages to an 8×8 inch square before you start.

This book uses a combination of felt and HTV pieces. I cut all of the felt on my Cricut Maker using the rotary blade and the pink cutting mat. If you are ever having issues cutting felt my biggest tip is: stop, and clean your mat. I use an Ikea scrubby brush and some dish soap to clean my pink mat after each use. (Make sure to let it dry completely before using it again.) While other mats can be a little dirty, the pink fabric mat really needs to stay clean to work effectively. I know some people worry washing their mats will ruin them, but I wash my pink mat every time and have never replaced it!


Both the front and back cover are decorated using HTV. Make sure to mirror your images and weed before pressing with an iron/Easy Press. If you’ve never worked with HTV before check out my tutorial here.

Ready For Church Page

Here is a breakdown of what pieces should be cut with each material:

Felt: outside of doors, pocket, all clothing outlines, (not the pocket detailing) hair, bodies

HTV: detailing on doors, detailing on pocket, faces, words, ties, dress designs (optional)

Apply HTV to pieces. Glue children and hair to the page using felt glue. Stitch the doors on so they can open and close using embroidery floss. I glued my pocket in place (Last time I hand stitched them and some did not last very long, so I’m trying glue so I can compare.)

This is a great place to use up some patterned HTV!

Joseph’s Colorful Coat Page

Here is a breakdown of what pieces should be cut with each material:

Felt: colorful shapes, pocket

HTV: words, coat, white shapes

You could easily cut your jacket and white shapes with felt if you prefer. I went with HTV to avoid adding more bulk to the book. Unfortunately that means the felt shapes don’t cling to the HTV like they would to felt. It’s really up to you what you want to do. Apply HTV to pieces and then glue pocket into place.

Jonah and the Whale Page

Here is a breakdown of what pieces should be cut with each material:

Felt: whale outline, Jonah (minus face), fish (minus eyes), pocket

HTV: words, whale face, Jonah face, fish eyes

Apply all HTV. Glue whale on applying glue just around the edges. Glue on Jonah’s clothing. Glue on pocket. Note: If you will look closely you will notice I have some strange things going on with the whale face. That was a mistake on my part, it is fixed in the Cricut Design Space project. To make this page extra fun, add a zipper to the whale opening.

Noah’s Ark Page

Here is a beakdown of what pieces should be cut with each material:

Felt: Ark, monkey (minus eyes), elephant (minus eyes), giraffe (minus eyes and all dark brown pieces), zebra (white, pink, and hair only), pocket

HTV: words, animal eyes, brown detailing for giraffe, black detailing for zebra, rainbow

Apply all HTV. Glue together animal pieces making sure to leave an opening for the finger. Ark is all glued minus the door which is stitched using embroidery floss so it can open and close. Glue on pocket.

The cute animal puppets come from another Cricut Design Space project. I did a little editing for mine, but you could still get rid of more bulk if you wanted. In fact, I would highly suggest it. They create quite a bulge in the back of your book!

These animals are perfect for tiny fingers!
I used glitter mesh iron-on for the clouds and it turned out so beautiful! I wish I could capture it’s true beauty on camera.


 You are nearly done! Sit back, put on a show, and do a blanket stitch around each set (front and back) of pages. If you don’t know how to blanket stitch (I didn’t!) watch this video. Finally, weave a piece of embroidery floss through the stitches in the binding. Tie off. Glue a piece of felt to cover your binding.

I hope you (and your kids) love this quiet book as much as I do! Here is the link to all of my Design Space Cricut Community projects. Please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions! If you make it, make sure to share it with me so I can see how it turns out! Thank you all and happy crafting!

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