Mother’s Day Coupon Book – With Free SVG/Printable

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and I’ve got a fun project to share with you! While no cutting machine is required, to make this project extra special you can use the Cricut Maker perforation tip! Unfamiliar with perforation tip? I’ll teach you all about it! If you’re already a pro, go ahead and scroll to the bottom to download your free SVG!

What is the perforation tip?

The perforation tip is a Cricut Maker QuickSwap tool that can be used to create a ‘tear off’ project.

Are the perforation tip and perforation blade different?

Nope! It’s called a tip because it is attached to the QuickSwap housing. It’s called a blade because it is cutting a portion of your material.

How do I use the perforation tip?

This little tip attaches to the Quick Swap housing before removing the plastic casing (safety first!). Once attached, the plastic case can be removed and the tip and housing placed in the Cricut Maker. Make sure to change the necessary lines in Cricut Design Space to the ‘perforation’ operation!

Do I have to have a perforation tip to make the Mother’s Day coupon book?

No! While it will elevate your project, you could also use a scoring tool or eliminate the ‘tear off’ element of the project all together.

Do I have to have a Cricut to make this project?

Nope! Just print on your computer and cut by hand!

Mother’s Day Coupon Book


  • Paper – I recommend copy paper or light scrapbook paper
  • Cutting machine (or scissors)
    • standard cutting mat
    • perforation tip with QuickSwap housing
    • fine point blade and housing
  • string or ribbon
  • optional: printer

I’ve got two different versions of the coupon book. One is for mothers and one is for grandmothers. Feel free to mix and match the coupons! You are welcome to use these files for personal or commercial use! If you have a friend that would love it, share my link with them, rather than the file itself.

This is the SVG file! Right click to download.
This is the SVG file! Right click to download.

This project is great because you can use all paper, a marker and the drawing feature, vinyl, or (the easiest option) a printer!

If you are using the perforation tool I recommend a lighter paper. I tried using 80 lb cardstock (with a white c0re) and it was not able to rip cleanly at the perforation. Save the cardstock for a 3D project and pull out the light stuff for this one!

The green is cardstock. I don’t recommend using a thick paper.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you change the perforation lines in Design Space before cutting. Unfortunately, there is no way for me to mark them as perforation lines in my SVG file so you will have to do that yourself! If you need a little help, watch this video.

Once your pieces are cut and arranged in the order you want, simply tie a string through the holes. I told you it would be easy! Pair this book with a bouquet of paper flowers and create the perfect gift for the special mother figure in your life!

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Let me know if you have any questions and make sure to share your finished projects with me on Instagram! Happy craftin’!

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