Construction Birthday Party

My little boy just turned three and he is absolutely obsessed with construction vehicles, especially cement mixers. There are so many fun construction birthday party ideas out there! When searching Pinterest I found so many ideas I wanted to use it was hard to narrow it down. The one thing I couldn’t find, was super cute construction SVGs! So, I made some for you, in case you want your cutting machine to help you get ready for the big day! I’ve also got a couple of dollar store DIYs to share. This post contains affiliate links, as an affiliate from Amazon and Dollar Tree I make a small profit from qualifying purchases.


I love a good backdrop for pictures (though I never actually got one with the birthday boy). To make this scenery you will need a roll of caution tape, orange and black crepe paper, white balloons, painters tape, scissors, and a needle and thread. I attached the caution tape and crepe paper with tape rolls. Then, I blew up the balloons and threaded the bases of them onto a piece of string. I know, it’s a little scary having a needle next to a balloon but as long as you keep it below the tie it will be just fine. Then, I taped the string to the walls. I initially tried to attach the balloons with tape but they would not stay. I had really crumby tape though. (Seriously, we tried to use it for actual painting and I eventually pulled it all off and started again with a different roll.)

Birthday Sign

Here’s where the SVGs come in! I cut all of these pieces out of cardstock on my Cricut and used blue tacky putty to stick them on the walls. I used the Birthday Ahead sign for the front door.

This is the SVG! Just click right to save! Feel free to use if for personal or commercial use. Just don’t sell the files. 🙂

Birthday Cake

For some reason people always assume I’m really good at cake decorating and I’m just not! This cake was perfect because it was meant to look rustic! I made a chocolate cake, slabbed on some chocolate frosting, and then used cake crumbs around the base. I purchased these little construction vehicles off Amazon to complete the look.


You might remember my Mickey Mouse piñata from last year. You don’t? Well, my oldest did! (He’s three but he seriously has the memory of an elephant.) He was insistent on having his own pinata this year. I was a little nervous at first but thankfully I had learned a few things last time and this one was completed much quicker. I did paper mache for the cement mixer drum and boxes for the base and cab. I taped each piece together, spray painted it and then attached the tissue paper with mod podge and the paper details with double sided tape. I let the birthday boy pick his own colors (his favorite color is purple) and we hit it with a baseball bat from the Dollar Tree.

Don’t forget to cut a hole to put your candy in. I only filled the paper mache part.
To hang, I cut two small slits on top and then inserted a wire hanger.


The decorations for this party were simple. I could have pulled out a thousand construction vehicle toys that we have laying around the house, but I didn’t want the extra clutter so I taped caution tape on all of the doors and railings. It was quick, easy, and fun without taking up any room. I also bought some construction cones from the Dollar Tree and let the birthday boy stick Dollar Tree construction stickers all over them. Of course, I forgot to pull them out for the party (stinkin’ mom brain) but they would have made fun center pieces!

Birthday Shirt

It’s totally unnecessary, but I love making a special shirt for the birthday boy! The front is a LoveSVG cut file (affiliate link) and the back is made with Cricut Design Space images.

Party Favor

I know party favors are a controversial topic, but I enjoy them. I kept it simple and put a tub of playdough and a construction vehicle in a cellophane bag.

Happy Birthday buddy!
I guess I got one picture of him and the backdrop…

If you need more party ideas make sure to head over to my DIY Party Tips – On a Budget post! If you have any other fun construction theme ideas or any questions feel free to leave them in the comments!

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