N is for…

N is for Nesting Dolls

The letter N was a challenging one. I just couldn’t come up with a project I wanted to do! My original thought was, ‘necklace’ but I wasn’t super excited about it. Then, I just kept thinking, ‘nest’, ‘nest’, ‘nest’.  Finally, I came up with these amazing nesting dolls! My husband found TheSteve’s template to 3D print one. We were originally going to do all 5 dolls but after 36 hours of printing we decided we didn’t want to do another 48+ more for the largest size. They turned out pretty cool though. 

I always thought 3D printing was easy. All you have to do is press a button, wait forever and then pick it up and it’s beautiful right? Yeah, it’s not exactly like that. Jay did a bunch of configuring and modifying to make sure it would work for our printer. Then, when it was finally done printing they looked kinda crazy! Part of that is just because we have a low quality printer, but it’s also just part of the ‘fun’. So using tweezers, a nail file, and a screwdriver I went to work trying to make it pretty. I wanted this to be my project. I poked, prodded, and fussed for what felt like hours. It was not fun. All that hard work, and they still didn’t look very good. Meanwhile, Jay was peeking in now and again. He did not like that I took the ‘fun’ part. Finally, because I’m such a good wife… 😉 I let my husband finish them off. 

Look at all that craziness!

They turned out awesome and I’m glad we have them, but I think I’m going to leave the 3D printing to Jay from now on. 

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