Sewing… the Hard Way

I remember watching movies as a kid and my dad would always ask my mom, “Why even bother watching? You’re eyes will be on your sewing the whole time!” My mom was always sewing little ornaments for our Christmas tree.  She would buy Bucilla kits and spend hours hand embroidering and sewing on sequins. It looked like torture to me, but I loved the results. Around this time last year, my mom started the processes of cleaning her craftroom and she had many of those little kits. I was fortunate enough to get a few. 

I picked my very favorite one, knowing one might be all I could handle (of course it had to be the hardest one…). It was as torturous as I was expecting. Maybe more so! The first night I pulled it out, I spent two hours with every muscle in my body clenched as I carefully stitched the eyes of the bear. Yup, two hours and all I got done was two tiny circles. I was about to throw in the towel. How did anyone think this was fun?

I’m very proud of his face. I can tell he was the first one I did though…
He’s got character. (I think that’s the nice way of saying he turned out funny.)

But, I’m not a quitter. So for the next few months my husband was the one saying, “Why even bother watching? You’re eyes will be on your sewing the whole time!” I spent hours and hours and guess what? It actually did become fun. I learned a ton and, after a few months of rest, I might even be able to do another one.  

I really do want him to have fun with it, but it’s so hard to let him play with it when all he wants to do is pull the sequins off!

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