I mentioned the #cricutbekind challenge once before, but I wanted to show you a couple other projects that I made in honor of kindness. 

Here is what I posted on instagram to go with my first project: “For a long time, I was so unconfident in my sewing skills: I refused to try. My mom (@twelvemakesadozen) is a professional seamstress and I constantly compared myself to her. When I was pregnant with my first, I really wanted to make him a quilt; so I finally mustered up as much courage as I could and got my machine out. I sew more now, but I am still so critical of my work. As part of #cricutbekind I decided to leave myself a few reminders to be kind to myself. I’m still learning and that’s ok. I’ll never get better if I don’t try.”

For this next project I wanted to recognize a fellow crafter who is making a difference. “Today I want to give a shout out to @caldermathias. Two years ago this sweet mama (who happens to be my sister) gave birth to a little boy. Baby Calder didn’t even get to take a breathe before joining back up with his friends in heaven. @caldermathias knows firsthand the pain that comes with losing a child and now she uses her crocheting talents to help other families who have to go through the same thing. Please check out her page and support her amazing cause. Thank you for bringing kindness into this world. #cricutbekind” 

Project number three: “When I was little my big sister @mrs.twiz got a Cricut for Christmas. I was totally enthralled by that thing. So much so, my sweet sister bought me a Cuttlebug so I could do my own crafting. All I had to do was finally read Harry Potter. So yeah, double win for me. Thank you Kiyna for being an awesome sister, mom, and teacher. Let me know if there is anything I can craft for you!” 

And, my personal favorite. I had a very clear image of how I wanted this to come out and I couldn’t find anything like it. I did a little piecing and designing and after several attempts I was able to capture the image I wanted to portray. In case you are wondering, the standing figure used to be a man, but now it has a rendition of Ariel’s hair. 

Here is the post: “I had to end the @officialcricut #cricutbekind challenge by making this shadow box for one of my heroes. @kitthekinz battles so many storms and yet she is always reaching out, helping those around her. Thank you Kinz for always being my cheerleader. Love you lots. ❤”

Writing is a silver metallic.

As much as I would love to win one of the Cricut prizes, I feel I have already won. It has been amazing to remember all the kind ladies in my life and to remember to share a little kindness. Thank you Cricut!

Altered this image to create umbrella scene: love png from pngtree.com
All other images are from Cricut Design Space

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  1. Did I fit under the first project? I really wanted to be part of all the kind ladies in your life. Although now that I think about it, I'm sure this comment will be considered passive aggressive so maybe I just need to be grateful that I raised so many kind daughters. 💕love you.

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