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I’ve got several htv projects to show you today! But first, I wanted to do a quick recap on what htv is. HTV (in the crafting world, not on your tv guide) is short for heat transfer vinyl also know as iron-on. When people refer to ‘normal’ vinyl they are usually talking about a giant sticker sheet that is then cut to create words or shapes. Heat transfer vinyl is also a giant, cuttable sticker sheet, but the sticker doesn’t get sticky until you add heat to it. 

Because of this unique and strong adhering process, htv will stick to just about anything including clothes, wood, shoes, hats, etc. Heat transfer vinyl comes with a built-in plastic transfer sheet that holds the pieces in place as you put them onto your project. (Normal transfer tape would not work because it can’t withstand the heat.) There are two types of transfer sheets: sticky and clingy. Most of the time, I use sticky so I don’t have to worry about my design moving once I place it. The clingy will still hold the design in place, but not nearly as well. It is beneficial when using a more delicate surface like felt or silk. 
My awesome friends at Eygoo  donated a roll of black htv for me to use and tell you guys about. They even included a sample of their amazing metallic gold! This particular htv has a clingy transfer sheet, which was exactly what I needed!
This htv comes with some great instructions if this is your first time!
It’s actually not his first time helping Mom with htv, but he had to read the instructions anyway. Don’t know where he gets that from… oh wait… 😉
I’ve shown you a few sneak peeks of my felt nativities. Over the weekend, it was time to add the faces. The original designer chose to hand embroider the small details, but that’s not really my strong suit. (I have done it before and I just realized I never shared it, so I’ll post about it later this week!) So, I pulled out my trusty Cricut and htv and had my machine do all the hard work. 
Aren’t they cute?
All that’s left to do is create a bag to store them in!
The vinyl cut flawlessly and transferred amazingly! The clingy transfer sheet did not rip the felt and it held in place! I was able to do 9+ faces at a time and they all stayed put. I cut some very small  pieces and had absolutely no issues with them. 
Cricut has also challenged their crafters to create projects that promote positivity. As part of this #cricutbekind challenge, they have included a bunch of free kindness designs for the next couple months. I decided to make myself a jacket using one of these and my Eygoo htv. 
Living on the edge…
This is the other side. I would say I have some serious skills at cutting my vinyl to be the exact size, but I’ve messed up many times. This was just a miracle.
Looks like yellow in this picture but scroll down to see how amazing this gold is.
I told you! Not going to lie, I kept this piece of garbage on my desk for a while. I really didn’t want to throw it away.
The black htv is so smooth, you can hardly tell it is there! If you look at the black very closely you will see it has a bunch of tiny little dots. I mean like, magnifying glass tiny. This means the vinyl can stretch a little with your clothing. That is something you normally pay a premium for. The gold doesn’t have that feature (I don’t think it’s really possible for metallics.) 
So, would I buy it again? It is a tiny bit more expensive than I normally pay for htv (but remember, I’m like the cheapest of the cheap). I do think it is definitely worth the price though. I actually really love the little gold sample as well, but  they don’t sell it on amazon, so I will try and find out a way to get a hold of pricing. If you are in the market for some htv I would highly recommend this product.  
I received a free roll of htv for my honest review. 
This post contains affiliate links. 

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