Oreo Lasagna

A while back we had a pair of sister missionaries over for dinner. I wanted to come up with a fun dessert and came across a recipe for Oreo lasagna. We loved it and have made it several times since! True to my Kiy way, I’ve altered it a little each time and I now have it exactly how I want it; so I can share it with you!

Oreo Lasagna

28 Double Stuf Oreos (2 rows of a family pack)
5 tbsp butter
8 oz cream cheese
1/4 cup sugar
2 tbsp milk
8 oz cool whip
3.9 oz box chocolate pudding mix and milk to prepare it
8 oz Oreo cool whip (pictured below)

Take half of Oreos and peel out cream. Set aside. Place the Oreo cookie parts and the remaining half of Oreos in a Ziploc bag and crush. Chunks should be fairly large. Melt butter. Combine butter and Oreo crumbs with a fork. Press into 9×13 inch pan. In an electric mixer, mix cream cheese until fluffy. Add sugar, milk, and the cream from the Oreos. Mix well. Add regular cool whip. Scoop mixture on top of Oreo crust. Prepare pudding as directed on box and pour on top of cream cheese mixture. Place in fridge to set. When firm, top with Oreo cool whip. For best results, chill at least one hour. 

Half of the cookies in the bag have cream and the other half do not. 
The first several times I made this, I pulverized the Oreos and soaked them in butter. It was good, but after several attempts we found we preferred larger chunks with less butter. 
The chunkier base does make it harder to get a nice white layer. It’s ok though, you won’t notice it in the end. 
This stuff is the best and it’s usually the same price as normal cool whip!
All done! Not super pretty from the top. 
Yummy! Yummy!

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