Random Project Update

It was my turn for activity days tonight and I decided to fulfill one of the Faith in God requirements and talk about child care. The night went really well but I spent forever on a handout (even laminated them) and forgot to use them! So, if anyone has a need for 10 laminated pages about basic child care, let me know or you can print your own and see my lesson plan (click here). 

I did some scrapbooking for my boys last night. Here are a few pictures. 

I got a set of new patterened pages so I
had to use them. Also, The bottom picture was square
but amazon can’t print it so it cut it like this.
I have done that several times by accident. 🙁
I wish I hadn’t done the full black centered P but
not enough to redo it. 
Is this a page just to use up pictures? Yes. Yes it is. 

Made cards for my sweet ladies who shared my blog. Thanks again ladies!

Also, I’ve had some questions about the $4 books so I wanted to show you what mine looks like. I did a little htv (heat transfer vinyl/iron on) on the front. It’s really cute. I’ll do that for your’s too if you want. 🙂

Love the vinyl. Do not love how quickly the book picks up lint.
It doesn’t look as bad in real life though.
The binding is nice but very stiff. I’m not sure if it will
become more flexible or break.
I really do love the pictures but I am opening it as far as I dare in
this picture. I’m sure my toddler will not have the
same fear. 

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  1. I love it! Especially the vinyl on the front and all the cute pics on the inside… oh, and that awesome SIL of mine who wouldn't let me pay for it. Thanks, Jay! And thanks for your hard work, Kiy. Love you all!

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