Humpty Dumpty Story Time Puppet

Hello educators (and yes, that includes you awesome parents)! I’ve got another nursery rhyme activity for you today. If you haven’t already checked out my other story time helps, make sure to click here.

Today, I have created an adorable Humpty Dumpty wall and figure to help your young ones interact with the story. My (almost) two-year-old was jabbering away as he did the actions for this nursery rhyme. These little learning activities really make a big difference!

The SVGs are made entirely by me and you are welcome to use them for commercial, education, and personal use. All I ask is, if someone else you know wants these files, please share my link with them rather than the file itself. It really helps me when people visit my page.

This is the actual SVG! Simply right click and save!

This Humpty Dumpty design is great because you can simply print it and cut it by hand or upload them to your Cricut software and have your machine do it! I have left the file in layers so you could spend some time and make a fun layered paper project, or simply flatten it on Cricut Design Space and use the Print then Cut feature (that’s what I did!)

Once you have your wall and eggs cut out, stick them in a laminator (gotta’ make them kid proof!) and cut again. Glue both Humpty Dumpty pieces on the same popsicle stick (I used rubber cement.) so you can flip him around when he falls off the wall.

Isn’t that just the cutest ‘sad face’ you have ever seen?

Let me know how you are using these Nursery Rhyme helpers! And if you have a certain request feel free to leave it in the comments! Happy crafting and happy teaching!

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