Ice Cream Tiered Tray Decor

If you haven’t made your own $5 tiered tray, make sure to click this link and go do that! If you have, let me show you how to decorate it for a cute farmhouse summer!

The floral, and painted beads were already on my tray from Easter and I left them, but I switched out my Easter decorations for ice cream! When my husband’s grandma died we inherited her beautiful metal ice cream scoop. I used this as the center of my inspiration for this round of decorations. I filled a baby food jar with an assortment of sprinkles (and those big blue ones did not want to mix in!) and then I hit up my local dollar tree for some supplies.

To make the adorable ice cream sign, I lined up seven Dollar Tree Jenga blocks. I then put hot glue on two popsicle sticks and stuck those to the back. I finished it of with some acrylic paint, mod podge, and vinyl. Remember, if you are ever putting transfer tape on paint, you will want a layer of mod podge! I created this SVG and you are welcome to use it for commercial or personal use. Just don’t share the file itself, send people to my page instead!

This is the SVG file! Right click to save.

The ice cream cone on the middle tray is a dollar store toy one. I painted it and then hot glued it together so the top wouldn’t pop of. I used my spackling method to make the rest of the ice cream! If you don’t know what I am talking about make sure to check out this post. I was able to complete the large sundae and two small cups with one bucket of Dollar Tree spackling. I used a small plastic bowl from the Dollar Tree wedding section for the sundae, and painted it blue to match. Then, rather than using a ton of spackling, I glued a foam ball (2.8inch) inside the bowl and layered my ‘ice cream’ on top of that. I used brown acrylic paint for chocolate sauce. The paint spreads before drying, so if I was to do it again I would start off with very little paint. The ‘cherry’ on top is a wooden bead painted red.

What themes would you like to see next? Let me know in the comments. Happy craftin’!

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